Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chaos and Doom

One of my writing projects, a short story collection, is now 60 percent complete.  It will mix some of my previously published stories (such as Citadel of the New Moon and an expanded version of Hellhound) with fresh, new material (including two long stories, Kaleidoscope and Claustrophobia).  After trying to come up with a title for the collection, I decided to name it CHAOS AND DOOM, which describes the ominous tone of the various stories in the collection.  More information about the collection will be posted soon.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Morbid Curiosity Update

My dark fantasy/horror novel, MORBID CURIOSITY, is 40% complete.  It's a rewrite of a novel I completed in 1999.  Length and word count restrictions may cause the novel to be split into three parts.  The novel is about a young boy who develops a fascination with death in 1945.  The story shifts to 1969, where he endures the loss of several family members due to his "morbid curiosity".  The last part of the book takes place in the current time.  It's a free-standing novel with a close-ended story line, but characters from the book will appear in simultaneous, overlapping sequels.  More details will be announced soon.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mask of Beelzebub Update

The second book of my CADAVER ISLAND trilogy, which will be called THE MASK OF BEELZEBUB, is now 50% complete.  The novel will pick up where CADAVER ISLAND left off.  It will feature crossover elements from three of my short stories:  Hellhound, Citadel of the New Moon, and Demolition, all of which have been published in magazines from Pro Se Press over the last two years.  More details about the trilogy will be available soon.