Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Updates on Current Projects

Here are the current projects I'm working on and how close they are to being finished:

1.  "Cardiac Arrest" (Novel)
My science-fiction/fantasy novel continues to evolve and change.  While writing the final chapters, I came up with plot twists which required extensive tweaking during the 1st draft.  The novel will be finished in September.

2. "Claustrophobia" (Short Story)
This is a very long, fast-paced story about a boy's fear of being trapped in tight spaces.  It's a dark, Gothic tale which progresses into his adolescence and adulthood.  I hope to have the story finished by mid-October.

3. "The Mask of Beelzebub" (Novel)
This novel is the sequel to "Cardiac Arrest" and the second book of a planned trilogy.  I've already completed the prologue and most of the first chapter.  It will be darker and more violent than "Cardiac Arrest".  The estimated completion date is May 2012.

4. "Sunstroke" (Short Story)
This is another long, fast-paced story, which deals with an albino man's relationship with the sun.  It involves a chain reaction of tragic events which culminate with the man's reaction to a solar eclipse.  I hope to have the story finished by the middle of November.

5.  "The Emperor of Nibiru" (Novel)
This novel is in the planning stages.  It is a follow-up to my short story, "Citadel of the New Moon", which was published in the January 2011 issue of "Fantasy and Fear #3" from Pro Se Press.  Several characters from the short story will return in the novel, which takes place two years after the end of the story.

I'll post updates about these projects as they near completion.

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