Thursday, December 13, 2012

Works in Progress

My first novel, CADAVER ISLAND, is scheduled to be released in January 2013, which is only a month away.  Its sequel, THE MASK OF BEELZEBUB, should be published in late 2013.  Meanwhile, I'm busy working on several projects:

1. CHAOS AND DOOM (Short Story Collection)
Two short stories, "Evicted Tenants" and "Jars", will fill the final slots of my first short story collection.  "Evicted Tenants" is a fast-paced, hardcore horror story about ghosts, a duplex, and a nightmarish landlord.  "Jars" is a gory horror story about a police officer who battles his primal desires after a "zombie" bites him during an altercation.  "Evicted Tenants" and "Jars" will join some of my previously published short stories, such as "Stargazers" and "Citadel of the New Moon", when the collection is complete.  Estimated completion:  January 2013.

The synopsis, outline, and prologue are complete.  "The Plague of Corruption" is the final installment of my "Cadaver Island" trilogy.  The novel will contain a prologue, fifteen chapters, and an epilogue.  I'm also planning to submit a synopsis of the previous novel, "The Mask of Beelzebub", with the manuscript to refresh readers' memories of events which preceded "The Plague of Corruption".  Estimated completion:  late May/early June 2013.

"Hemorrhage" will be a stand-alone novel about a man who develops extraordinary powers after he is involved in a terrible accident.  The synopsis and the outline are complete.  The prologue and opening chapters are in the planning stages.  Estimated completion:  August 2013.

The synopsis and outline of the novel are complete.  One of my previously published short stories, "Citadel of the New Moon", will serve as the prologue of the book.  The novel picks up where the story (prologue) left off.  "The Emperor of Nibiru" will be a stand-alone novel with a prologue, eleven chapters, and an epilogue.  Estimated completion:  December 2013.

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